drawing of a family

Hello. I’m Katie. I live near the Thames estuary with Bart and my son Eli. 

When I’m not doing the day job (illustrations) or the other day job (marketing for a university) or the other night & day job (being a Mum & kickass girlfriend) I like:

Running on cold days. Watching birds fly. Daydreaming. Laughing with my boys. Watching the West Wing. Listening to podcasts. Reading and eating crisps at the same time. Boxing and kicking. Drinking tea. Taking baths so hot it feels like your skin might come off. Airbanding. Wearing my pyjamas. Drinking coffee. Practising Yoga. Drinking wine. Walking by the sea. Hanging with my friends and family. Listening to music... oh and dancing, I really love dancing. 

Basically all the things about life that make it completely and utterly magical.

It’s that magic that I try to capture in my drawings and comics, the magic of being alive, the magic of relationships, the magic in the little stories that are really the biggest stories of all. 

It would be remiss not to mention the name Crowblack. I think the most beautiful piece of literature in existence is Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas. Crowblack is his word from that work.  

If you would like to work together on a project or you want to nerd out over the West Wing, drop me an email: katie@crowblack.co.uk