On Lemonade - A letter to Beyonce Knowles

Dear Beyonce,

I’m listening to Lemonade for the third time in less than 12 hours, I’ve watched the film too, so really that’s four times.

There aren’t many works of art that have affected me in this way. It has seeped into the crevises of my brain, I can’t stop thinking about it…or you.

You have mined the depths of what it means to be a woman, unashamedly exploring and inhabiting all the characteristics we possess; raw power, love, strength, intuition, forgiveness, sexuality, empathy and you’ve helped me to see just how valuable those things are.

We are capable of harbouring life in the core of our being and yet, somehow, we’re still the underdogs. Until now I don’t think I fully understood how wrong that is, how imbalanced that makes the world we live in.    

I feel so excited. I see that womankind holds the answers to many the problems facing this world. Even in the depths of our despair we can draw on our inner strength and seek reconciliation and healing even when that seems impossible. We can overcome and in doing so become better versions of ourselves; from lemons we make lemonade.

Patriarchy has been the way for so long but it doesn’t work. The currency of patriarchy is the wrong kind of power; a hubris that seeks to be better than fellow man, a system that crushes ,oppresses and alienates. A system that removes power from too many people; particularly, as you’ve so poignantly and painfully shown, black women.   

You have illuminated another path. For the first time I can actually see how it might look. It’s a system that embodies femininity and all its gloriously powerful facets; that reconciles differences and heals scars.  A system values everyone and their contribution and whose success is not predicated on disempowerment or oppression but on collective power.

I know I’m not the only person feeling this so I think this might be the time to make a start, to leave behind all the pain and suffering and move towards this new way of being.

Holy shit Mrs Carter, what a thing to have done for womankind. 

Sending you so much love and gratitude, 

Katie X