The Gulls (or a really bad night's sleep)

Gulls comic

The last time I posted was May...MAY! I just haven't had much inspiration and I've been so very, very tired both mentally and physically but since finishing work I've had more energy to put into creative pursuits which is absolute heaven. 

Making this comic was easy at first and then really hard. The story came quickly but it took a lot of talking to myself to get through the drawing, I was out of practise and the voices of self doubt were noisy BUT I just kept saying to myself, "perfect is the enemy of good, just get the damn thing finished' so I did. Sometimes you just have to get the job done. 

The incredible Summer Pierre released the latest volume of her Diary Comics - Paper, Pencil, Life last week. I snapped my copy up straight away and I've already finished reading them, even though I tried my best to savour the experience. It's her best one yet. I'm in awe of how much of herself Summer puts into her comics and how structurally perfect they are - visually and in terms of narrative. Check them out!

Right. I'm off to do some more creating before I become a 24/7 milk bar.